L A V O N is an intimate look into the life of Gail Bean through poetry. Disregarding all rules that apply to the art form, it's not poetry, it's BEANetry! In this book you will witness personal reflections through 8 categories.



L A V O N is an intimate look into my (Gail Bean) life through poetry. Considering I’m not your typical poet and I disregard all rules that apply to the art form, it’s not poetry, it’s BEANetry! My life thus far has been one endless journey. I don’t know all the secrets of the road less traveled but I wish to share what I’ve learned, experienced rather, along the way. In this book you will witness my personal reflections through 8 categories:

  1. Dream Above The Influence:
    The journey of having a dream and aspiring to achieve something not easily attainable
  2. Confessions Of A Soul
    The journey of physical, sexual and emotional attraction
  3. Live.Love.Laugh.
    The journey of enjoying life and being open to whatever it brings your way
  4. Two Strikes
    The journey of being black and female
  5. Growing Pains
    The journey of relationship maturation in life, love and career
  6. To Whom May Be Black
    The journey of a black being
  7. Letters To David
    The journey of my long distance relationship with David Brandon Brown
  8. Bean
    The journey of Gail Mitchell to Gail Bean

What others said:

The author uses poetic verse in this manuscript in order to tell her autobiographical story. The collection begins with poems like “Conscience,” “What the Wind Didn’t Tell Me,” and “Lessons in Defeat.” In these poems, the author shares the education she received by pursuing her dreams, failure, and picking herself up and trying again. In “Two Different People,” the author writes about the end of a relationship. “Loaded Kisses” and “Love You in Reverse” are about the feelings one encounters when first falling in love. In “Another Brown Girl,” “Single.Married.Filing Jointly.” and “Go Black Girl, Go!” Ms Bean shares her experiences of having “two strikes” against her in a white male dominated world: her skin color and her gender. This work may appeal to readers who enjoy inspirational and autobiographical poetry.

-Dorrance Publishing Company

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